Chameleon Model

This is a model chameleon I started to work on for a research project into how a chameleon changes it’s skin colour. However I decided to go with a different research question that was based on the theorization¬†of alien life on another planet. This meant that I had a started chameleon model lying around that I had made good progress on but didn’t want to abandon so I turned in into a personal project to work on while I was doing the theory work.

For this model I followed my usual workflow that started off researching what type of chameleon species I wanted to model which I found the panther chameleon to be the most vibrant in their colour changes. Fun fact: Chameleons changing colours to blend in with their environment is not accurate, they actually do it based on emotional response or for temperate management. After that I went into Zbrush to do a sculpt based on gathered images.








From this base sculpt I retopologized and U.V unwrapped it in Maya to create a base mesh that will be used for surfacing etc. As this model wasn’t going to be used for animation I was going to skip rigging it and just pose it in Zbrush after the detailing which is where I am up to currently.




I’ll post more updates on this guy if I ever get back to it, it might be turning into a busy new year for me.

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