Fan Tail & Liger Zero

I decided to do a combined post of the two main art-related products that I have been working on as one is digital and the other is traditional. I’ve been busy with contract work recently so personal art projects have been on the back burner and progress has slowed.

Fan tail

The first new project is a 3.D model of a fan tail that I have titled “God of Death” a rather angry looking New Zealand Fan Tail. I’ve worked on a few 3.D projects in my spare time but decided for whatever reason I wanted to do another bird using much the same methods that I used for the Urraca Bird.


This is the base model and basic feather geometry which will be the base that I then place the Yeti fur onto with a texture map created in Mari to designate the colour of the fur. I know that I want to do fur however I’m not sure at this point if I want to do realistic textures or go for a more stylized look.

I have no intention of rigging or animating this project. I intend to create a base branch and then pose it to stand on it, maybe make it look a bit more dynamic and aggressive. As aggressive as a tiny ball of fluff can be anyway. Hence why the wings are in a closed position as they won’t be opening.

Liger Zero

Recently a friend went on a holiday to Japan and asked if I wanted anything bought back. After a bit of thinking and research into Gundam models (which I had quite a few in my younger years) I discovered that Kotobukiya makes a high quality model of the Liger Zero from Zoids New Century. Since the price was right I decided to pick it up and have a decent go at making it with the intent of making it as detailed as possible.


As this kit does not require glue I’ve decided to clip all the parts and test fit them before breaking it back down and painting it. The model already has an amazing level of detail and thought put into it with great molding and exceptional build quality. Even though I am not too far into the build I’m already amazed at how parts fit together with mold marks and flashings being hidden behind other panel.

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep updates on these projects as they happen as my life is only getting busier it seems. The Liger will probably get the most attention as it’s nice to be away from computer related activities for once and I find the process of building it quite Zen.

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