Accidents, Blunders and Calamities

Short Film

This is the film that I worked on as my first full production for the 3rd year of my Bachelor of Art and Design at Media Design School. It took us around 15 weeks to work on all the post work for the film which included characters, FX and compositing.

For this film I was mainly a Technical Director that worked on various assets the most extensive one being the Urraca Bird that was quite a complex task. My other T.D tasks included the Earwig model and I modeled and textured a branch.

For the art department I was involved in the creation of the possum burrow set and worked on Special Effects for the vomit in the Cricket shot.

I also helped out on set for the filming of the gerbil & cricket shots. For the cricket shot I also display my limited acting talents being the drunk person.

After a large run of film festivals where it won many awards including best animated short film at San Diego Comic-con the film has finally been released online and can be viewed at the link below.