Short Film

Fruitless is the second film I worked on after ABC as part of my final year at Media Design School. Rather than a full class production this time it was a group of five students over twelve weeks.

As far as the digital art was concerned I was one of two technical director’s and was given the task of focusing on the characters and props in the film with the main ones beingĀ Saul and Sala the sloths.

As well as my digital art role I took on the role Writer and Director for this film. The premise for the film was taken from a simple gag mentioned by a team member which was then developed into a more heart-felt story. We decided early on that involvement of time-lapse would create an interesting perspective and provide us with a unique technical challenge.

Below is a link to the film, I hope you enjoy it.

I’d also like to thank my team of Betina Navarro, Joanna Gaelic, Amanda Beros and Shannagh Robertson.