Sala the Sloth


Sala the Sloth is the daughter of Saul the Sloth and the co-star of the film Fruitless. Originally the story only involved Saul’s journey however the more we discussed the idea the decision was made to include the daughter character which would provide more motivation for Saul. For her base model I just used Saul’s base, re-sized it and sculpted it into the shape it is now by pushing and pulling the topology around. This resulted in a completely different character model that still matched Saul’s appearance. A lot of effort was put into the face in order to make her eyes much larger and wider to really convey the cute, wide eyed baby look.

The development of the shaders and Textures for Sala followed the same process detailed over on Saul’s┬ápage. Lots of iterations adding more and more detail until the models matched the detail level of the background environments.



Environment T.D | Betina Navarro
Character Rig | Joanna Gaelic
Animation | Joanna Gaelic
Comp | Shannagh Robertson & Amanda Beros