Saul the Sloth


Saul the Sloth is the main character that we created for our short film Fruitless. Once we had a style down that we liked from concept art I moved onto doing quick concept sculpts in Z-brush to see how the character would look in 3D space. With a design we were happy with I retopologized it in Maya before taking it back into Zbrush for further tweaks. For there it was handed off to the rigger while I worked on the blend shapes for the facial rig. Thankfully, as we were on a tight schedule, he didn’t require diverse emotions as we wanted to go for the sleepy sloth look.

Then came the surfacing and texturing that saw me using an iterative approach in which I started off simple and added more complexity to get him to match our background environments. This proved to be the biggest challenge as I wanted to push the textures as far as possible to avoid going to fur which would cause a dramatic increase to our render times. Using a combination of furry bump and displacement maps created in Zbrush and Maya as well as a diffuse texture to match I started to get a more furry look.

However all of this was not enough and we still needed to break up the edges of his silhouette so I turned back to the same method I used for the Urraca Bird feathers. I used Yeti Fur system to create cards that had fur texture which were then placed on key points of the body. Compers then went in afterwards to fix up any weirdness with the connections of the fur cards to make them look more blended to the body.




Environment T.D | Betina Navarro
Character Rig | Joanna Gaelic
Animation | Joanna Gaelic
Comp | Shannagh Robertson & Amanda Beros