Spin the Black Circle

Vinyl Photography

What started out as trying to fix / mess with the settings on my camera turned into a mini photoshoot. As I was fortunate enough to come into some spare money recently I was finally able to purchase a turntable. I was sick of having records in my possession that I couldn’t actually play so I decided to keep an eye out for one.

I bought 2nd hand refurbished table after looking around various stores for entry level new tables. Once I had a working set-up the Vinyl began to flow in which is great for the ears but not for the wallet. Featured in the photos is Born in the U.S.A – Bruce Springsteen, The White Stripes – Self Titled and Brothers in Arms – Dire Straits. I’ll leave which is which up to the discretion of people that know.


All my photos are available for sale as prints, make an enquiry over on my contacts page.