Steel Legion Sentinel

Scale Model

I’ve decided to show-case some of my older work here as it shows where I began my path towards digital artwork for film as a scale model builder. Most of these models will be from Games Workshop either Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000.

A Sentinel is a walker unit for the imperial guard with this particular unit being a variation for the Steel Legion. Fully enclosed to project from the hazards of the Armageddon world and equip with a Las-cannon, a powerful anti-mechanized weapon.

This is one of the first mechanized units I put together and painted for the Imperial Guard Steel Legion. It was my first attempt at replicating the ashen camouflage colour scheme was done by dry brushing grey over top of black with the bleached white stripes added after. After that fine lines were filled in to stand out with black ink. Then all the other details were added such as the number, name, steel, oil and weathering.

This would of been the first of three units to make up a tank-smashing mobile squad. Like most of my models, this is unfinished and requires flocking and details to be added to the base. Details of the build and paint can be seen below.



Made for: Warhammer 40,000
Producer: Games Workshop
Scale: 1/42
Paint : Citadel Paints
Paint and Assembly: Myself