Weathertop Wraiths

Scale Model

This next lot of figures are quite old on the time-line of my scale modelling career and are from the Lord of The Rings tabletop game by Games Workshop.

The Nazgul or Ring Wraiths are fallen kings with the singular desire of finding the one ring and bringing it back to the dark lord Sauron. Lead by the Witch King they are drawn to the ring at weathertop where they confront its bearer, Frodo and his unlikely party of hobbits. Which is the set that these models come from. However the hobbits have been in a state of WIP for many many years.

If I remember correctly I followed a tutorial from a White Dwarf magazine to paint these models. They required more detail and mixing than simply painting them black. A lot of weathering was done to their robes and weapons with a lot of blue hues adding to their cloaks to give them a more ghostly appearance. Years of being on a shelf have given them a layer of dust which I think adds something to their charm.

Also a brief cameo of Strider, better known as Aragorn who comes to the rescue of the hobbits with sword and fire. However he as well remains unfinished. This was my first attempt at painting fire and I remember it requiring a few iterations.

Made for: Lord of the Rings Tabletop
Producer: Games Workshop
Scale: 1/42
Paint : Citadel Paints
Paint and Assembly: Myself